Thursday, April 5, 2012

Went or Walked?

When writing my first few novels I never used the words "went" or "got". For example, "She went to the car and got in behind the passenger seat."

Instead, I'd write, "She walked to the car and slid in behind the passenger seat."

However, I've noticed lately that a lot of authors, even popular ones, are writing these "lazy" words, and for some reason they don't seem to bother me that much unless they're over done and start sounding like echoes. And sometimes the sentence, "She went home," can say more than "she walked home."

What do you guys think? Have the rules changed?


ilima said...

I'm more of a walked or slid person...I like the action. I don't know that the lazy words bother me unless over done, like you said. Clueless about changing rules, though.

Lorelei said...

I like using action verbs, when I can. I'm more of a strode/stroll/breezed sort of writer. She angled into the car, or slid in, or bent his frame. Maybe some are trying to conform to word length. I don't worry about it.

Michael Tate said...

I'm all about simplicity. I find it as a reader distracting to have a 'stroll' when a 'walk' would do just fine.

If you really want to convey a stroll, then I feel that as a writer you should describe it and show the stroll instead of telling us it's a stroll.

Basically walk or went are those invisible types of words like said that have a very concrete function to get the reader from point A to point B with little to no flash. If you want flash, don't just go to the thesaurus, tell us exactly how the action worked.

My $0.02