Monday, February 6, 2012

What was she running from?

Plagued by a head cold, I was up late, tossing and turning, wishing for a visit from the Sand Man, when I heard a sound foreign to the night. I sat up and listened. It was well after two, and yet there was no mistaking the slapping sound of a woman's high heels as she walked down the street in front of our home.

This was strange enough, but then her footsteps began to pick up pace until she was running in those high heels. Slap, slap, slap, faster and faster until they turned the corner and out of my earshot.

I didn't hear footsteps chasing her, and she didn't scream, so I assumed she was okay, but I had to wonder what had caused her to run? I have my own theory, but I'd love to hear yours.


ilima said...

Did you find one of those heels on your doorstep the next morning? If so, I might have a good guess as to why....


K. Turley (Clutzattack) said...

I used to go to school in a city that had a bus route until 3 am. If that's the last bus of the day, you bet I'll run for it.

If I get creeped out I'll increase my pace and swing my arms more so that I look more intimidating. Maybe she was spooked by a stray dog?

Liane said...

You live right by the ocean, right Rachel? Well, so does this woman. Right next to the beach in fact. She too, could not sleep. Awake in her lonesome cottage she heard a voice. Quiet at first, then louder and louder. It was coming from outside. Just as she went to open her door, it slammed back with an angry force. The voice traced the ferocious wind, "Luuuccccyyy...." She looked around at first and then got the courage to look out beyond the window. She noticed a black fog, shaped in a tall body form. It was like it was waiting for her to notice it. When she gasped out loud in fear, it must have noticed because it started to move toward her. Its pace quickened just as she went to shut the window. She put the nearest pair of shoes on and headed downstairs. Again the voice spoke, "Luuuuuucccccyyyy....." Except this time it was louder, like it was coming from her bedroom. She felt the presence now. It was in the house. The feeling was dark, heavy and it was weighing her down. She was suffocating. She knew she had to get out. Faster and faster she ran down the lonely sidewalks with no one to help her.

Wow, lots of run on sentences! :) You asked what I thought she was running from... you didn't ask me to write well! :) I'll leave that to you!!!!

I love your blog. It gets me thinking. Of dark stuff, apparently. :)

Kelley said...

I bet she was freaked out because it was late/early and she thought she heard sounds following her but it was only stuff in her head. But just to be on the safe side she picked up the pace. Because whether there was someone following or not, the chances of anything bad happening are less the less amount of time she spends in the dark alone.

Or...she really had to pee. :)

Rachel McClellan said...

Love that, Ilima. I'm surprised I didn't see one, but I did see my neighbors saggy man boobs when he went to retrieve his newspaper. I think I would've preferred to see the shoe.

Um, Liane? "She gasped out loud in fear." That made me laugh. And the "lonely sidewalk" made me laugh some more. (I can say this to her, she's my sister.) You are a much better painter than a writer. :)

I vote she had to pee.

Alicia said...

I have a feeling she was running to something instead of from something. Like the love of her life just got home from a long tour in Iraq but she mistakenly went to the wrong airport to greet him. So she drove to his house (which is down the street from yours) but a block away she ran out of gas, so she ditched her car and started walking down the sidewalk. Her beloved heard her heels as well and went outside to see what it was and that's when she started running...into his open arms. Awww....(can you tell I'm a diehard romantic?)

Raine said...

I was about to comment that she might be coming out from her shift and then I recalled the heels. Maybe she came from a party and got lost track of time and didn't want to stay too long in the dark.