Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve. I'm taking a short minute to wish you all a Merry Christmas while my kids watch A Christmas Story.  Ralphie just uncovered the secret message: Drink More Ovaltine.

In front of me is a spread of food that I've been grazing on like a fat cow before its slaughter. I feel if I even touch my belly, my stomach will explode, spilling ranch-soaked guts all over the wrapped presents sitting next to me. Bleh.

Soon the kids will go to bed, and then I can wrap the rest of the presents. I just hope I remember where they all are. The kids are excited for tomorrow, which makes me excited.

Thank you all for your friendship and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


erica and christy said...

That's about the same part of the movie I sent my kids to bed last night as well. As my 10-year-old said "What a ripoff." Whether he was talking about the bedtime or the Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring, I'm not sure. ;) Merry Christmas!

kimba88 said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Katie said...

I was thinking of you guys last night. Merry Christmas and tell the kids Hi from us.

Laura C. said...

Merry Christmas and may you achieve more publishing success in 2012! :-D