Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hard copy or eBook?

I am still in the book camp, although I'm warming to the eBookers who exist all around me. They look so cool and sophisticated with their eReaders and touching the screen like they're Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Who knows what they're reading on that gadget? It is a mystery, thereby making them a mystery.

I'm not as cool. I carry regular books around, their covers a glaring button on my chest, exposing pieces of myself to the world. My likes, my desires, and even my fears. You can tell a lot about a person by the books they read.

But eBook readers...who are they? Their anonymity draws me in.  There are some books I'd like to keep hidden (tee hee hee). But I'm frightened by the whole mechanics of it all. What if I "plug" in and I'm sucked into some other dimension where my mind becomes trapped by three-horned aliens, and they send one of their protozoan soldiers to take over my body?

So I'd like to know, for those of you who are eBook readers, what made you convert? And for those who aren't, why are you still old school?


Kelley said...

I'm both :)

I travel a lot for work so I got myself a nook so that I would never be without reading material and I wouldn't have to drag two to three books with me. I also like using it when working out. On the elliptical machine, etc.

But when I'm at home I love to have a book in my hand. Or if I know I'm going to want a copy sitting on my shelf for later reading.

So I guess I'm slightly mysterious, slightly not ;)

mooderino said...

I've always been more interested in content than content-holder. Many of my books are torn paperbacks with scribbles inside (from charity shops). I waited until most books were being digitised and then switched. It's very much more convenient and the whole "books are special" thing doesn't really register with me. Stories are special, books are just bunches of paper.

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Holly L'Oiseau said...

I get ibooks through my iPad when I want a book right here, right now without leaving home. I don't buy unknown books through. They're all popular books. I haven't dabbled in reading indie books as of yet. And I still love books in their physical form! They feel nice...and smell nice...and I have lots of those, too!

Kathleen Doyle said...

I like both.
When it comes to my favorite authors, I will buy the books so I can add to my bookshelves. But I also like to explore the indie and self-published authors out there and a lot of those are mostly digital.

Susan Oloier said...

I used to be anti-e-reader. Then my dad introduced me to the Kindle. Three things converted me: I have always been a book nerd who carries more than she is reading with her. Now I can do it with one device. Also, I recently traveled with my kids and lots and lots of stuff. Instead of hauling heavy books on my carry-on, I only had to take the Kindle. I am now totally hooked and doubt I will buy another actual book *biting nails*. Finally, I have been checking out library books on my Kindle now, which is way cool.
I highly recommend an e-reader.

Lindsey R. Loucks said...

I was anti-ereader for the longest time. I could never give up the feel of an actual book in my hands! But then someone showed me their shiny new one, and I was blown away. I debated and debated with myself, then finally broke down and got one. It's the coolest thing ever! But I still have my actual books, too.

Kate Larkindale said...

I love real books and will always read them, but it would be nice to go places without having to lug huge heavy library books with me. I haven't got an e-reader yet (Kindles only became available here this year), but I'm hoping for one sometime this year. To save my back if nothing else!

But I'll always have real books to read in the bath...

J. A. Bennett said...

I read on my phone sometimes but nothing compares to a real book. I think most e-bookers still agree with that :)

E. M. LaBonte said...

I like both. If I'm addicted to an author I'll buy the paper books to add to my shelf, but I like the feel of having hundreds of books at my fingertips, I also love that I can hide what I'm reading when I want to enjoy a guilty pleasure. :)

Marlena Cassidy said...

I like both as well. The Kindle on my Mac is useful when I'm supposed to be doing other things on it, but I still love the feel of a real book in my hands. Something about turning the pages, maybe it's the sound, feels peaceful to me, more peaceful than poking at a screen.

Rachel McClellan said...

It sounds like I just need to go and get one. I mean, really, I don't want to end up like my mother who still pays for her gas INSIDE the gas station with a check book. :)

Reader Riah said...

I'm both as well. There are pros/cons to each type. I still almost always prefer a hardcopy - preferably a hardback! - of any book, but if I can get one for free (thanks NetGalley!) as an eBook I'm totally okay with that as well. I have a first edition nook and I love it. It does make carrying books around a lot easier.

Lorelei said...

I will always want to hold a book in my hands. I like turning the pages. Especially, when one of my books is in print... holding it in my hands makes it feel real.

I just can't do the nook-book thing. But I'm okay that others are into it. Much of the ebook sales make up the larges sales for anyone's books.(^;

inga said...

I always have and always will prefer paper books... But! There is a but. Since I am reviewing books and it is cheaper for authors to send me e-copies of the books, I started reading ebooks. If I can, then I always ask for paper book.

There are pros and cons for both. Ebooks are usually cheaper and you don't have to wait to get it, there is no shipping time. I usually buy books online and there is a difference of either waiting for 1-2weeks to get the book or purchase it as e-version and receive it within matter of minutes.

I just purchased the new Kindle Fire from amazon, because so far I have been using my laptop for reading ebooks - Kindle apps for PCs. It is little uncomfortable sometimes to read from you laptop, especially when you want to read in your bed or other comfortable places where laptop is not the best choice for reading. That's why I decided to go for Kindle Fire, I can easily put it into my handbag, take it with me anywhere I go easily.

The same of course goes to paperbooks. And I do love the feel and smell and looks of paperbooks! When I go to a book store, it's a dangerous thing to do for me - I always end up buying several books at a time! I love books stores and I always manage to spend several hours in just one store and spending a lot of money, too.

If I had a choice, I would always prefer paperbooks. But our of necessity I am using e-reader.

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Judaloo said...

Ryan gave me a Nook for mother's day a few years ago. I immediately loved it because I could carry around hundreds of books in one spot and pick and choose what I wanted to read. Now, I have the app for Nook on my phone. I have all my books right there, ready for me to pick and read! I love it! Since I hate carrying a purse, this is perfect for me. I still read regular books; ones that are not available through BN. I go back and forth, really, but love being able to download a new book in seconds and read wherever I am without having to worry about leaving it behind. :)

Lolawid said...

I do both. Having a Nook tablet has been wonderful! Not only do I get to download and read books just about anywhere, but I also get to watch Netflix and play games on it! Having said that, there really is nothing to compare to having an actual book in your hands, and being able to smell it and turn the pages.

Cindy C Bennett said...

The only paper books I really buy anymore are ones I can have signed by the author, though I'm still likely to purchase the Kindle version to actually read.

I love, love, love my Kindle. As has been pointed out many times, the convenience of carrying multiple books with you in such a small, lightweight package is unbeatable.

Plus, my book shelves are overflowing. That means occasionally I have to go through and rid myself of them. I have a really hard time doing that. With the Kindle, I can keep them all... forever!

And, as mooderino pointed out, it's the stories that make a book great, not the paper they're printed on.

Get an ereader, the trees in the forests will thank you!

Diana Guess said...

Honestly both ways, because I also love to have a big, diversified library, but having eBooks on my e-reader as well... I travel quite a lot.
What I love about eBooks is that I can download them for free from All You Can Books and reading them whenever I have a little spare time.