Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oktoberfest has ended

It's ended.

The Oktoberfest Writing Contest and October.  I just love the month and all that it encompasses so I'm always sad when it ends (wipes tear from cheek).

On a lighter note, there were some great entries. Angie has her work cut out for her! I sure appreciate Angie taking time out of her busy schedule to judge this contest. I will post the results when they are available.

Meanwhile, take a few minutes to read the entries and make a few comments or suggestions. They are always appreciated.

Tune in next time. Same bat channel. Same bat time.


Craig Smith said...

I have to agree with you October has been a great month over all.

And good luck to all those that entered, will be reading through them now.

Jess said...

Yep October was fun. We moved to Seattle (we drove all the way there) and then things didn't work out so we drove all the way back to Ohio. It was lots of fun actually!

ilima said...

Thanks Rachel!!!

Jani said...

October is a great month. It also makes me realize how quickly the year's coming to an end. Thanks for a great contest!

Lorelei said...

Yes. I miss October, but I'm trying to look forward to what's coming up--a turkey backed in our new oven with all the trimmings (won't have to go to a restaurant this year(^;)

But yes, I think I was lucky to find this contest through another thing I belonged to--I don't remember which now, as I entered so many things.

So, now that everyone has posted, I'll be checking them too.

Thanks for this great contest, Rachel!

Jamie Brook Thompson said...

New follower here! You're blog took me to another planet the second it popped up! It's amazing! Thank you for such awesome posts and letting me enjoy taking a breather to read them.

SwiftScribbler said...

Thanks for hosting this contest!